Packaging of trays and sets

Everything for the packing process of your medical devices from stericlin®

3FDOP381206 - Doppelbogen SMS-SMS_web

Double wrap SMS/SMS

3FDOP372208 - Doppelbogen SMS-Vlies_web

Double wrap SMS/non-woven

3FITL381106 - Bogenverpackungen interleaved SMS-SMS_web

Wrapping material interleaved SMS/SMS

3FITL370108 - Bogenverpackungen interleaved SMS-Vlies_web

Wrapping material interleaved SMS/non-woven

3FITL340108 - Bogenverpackungen interleaved Vlies-Vlies_web

Wrapping material interleaved non-woven/non-woven

3FSMS355106 - Bogenverpackungen Polypropylen SMS_web

Wrapping material polypropylene (SMS)

3FVLI330104 - Bogenverpackungen Vlies_web

Wrapping material non-woven

3FPAP310102 - Bogenverpackungen Krepp_web

Wrapping material crepe


Stericlin® adhesive tapes

3FTSZ422202 - Anwendung_web

Corner reinforcement for sterilisation trays