Stericlin® Bowie-Dick test systems

Routine checks to verify the steam penetration in sterilisers

Bowie-Dick test systems by stericlin® are steam penetration tests to meet the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 17665. Air extraction and steam penetration of sterilisers with fractionated vacuum will be controlled. Prior to commencing work, the Bowie-Dick Test is carried out in an empty steriliser with a special test programme. Stericlin® Bowie-Dick test systems are suitable for large-size sterilisers according to DIN EN 285 and sterilisers (Type B) to DIN EN 13060. Stericlin® indicators contain no heavy metals or toxins. After the initial colour change, the colour of the indicator no longer changes. This gives you completely secure documentation.


Bowie-Dick single use test pack


Bowie-Dick helix test