Hand labelling device with accessories

Easy, reliable and quick documentation

Our stericlin® hand labelling device with matching special labels is perfect for tracing and documenting medical products. All packaged sterilised goods are given a label with unique identification: product, serial number, employee, LOT number, date of manufacture and expiration date. After use in the OR the double self-adhesive labels can be peeled off the package and stuck in the patient file. This guarantees full traceability.

The stericlin® hand labelling device has a printing mechanism with 3 lines and 11 numbers each. This means that information such as product, employee, serial number, and LOT number can be applied coded to the label. The date of manufacture and expiration can be printed out in clear format.

Special labels for the stericlin® hand labelling device are available either without indicator or with Type 1 indicator according to DIN EN ISO 11140-1 for all common sterilisation methods. Each package of special labels already contains a suitable ink roll.

Article No. Description Size (mm) Pack
3FSZB670202 Hand labelling device, 3 lines 1 pc.
3FSKS670210 Self-adhesive labels without indicator, 500 pcs. per roll 29 × 28 5000 pcs. + ink roll
3FSKS670212 Self-adhesive labels with STEAM indicator, 500 pcs. per roll 29 × 28 5000 pcs. + ink roll
3FSKS670216 Self-adhesive labels with VH2O2 indicator, 500 pcs. per roll 29 × 28 2500 pcs. + ink roll