Detection of blood-protein residue on surgical instruments and surfaces

HemoCheck-S is based on an enzymatic reaction also used in forensic science. Blood contains large quantity of peroxidases and can be detected in very small quantity.
For routine monitoring and validation of cleaning efficacy according to EN ISO 15883.


  • Easy to use test kit
  • Only test on the market with immediate result
  • Enzymatic reaction will detect insoluble residue
  • Color change to green indicates contamination of the tested instrument
  • Detection already from 0.1 μg blood residue
  • Detects blood residue on surfaces and instruments


Different than standard protein testing HemoCheck-S gives a 100% clear answer by blood being the best marker for a hygiene risk. A colour change to green on the swab indicates blood-protein residue on the tested area. A large amount of blood can discolor the entire test.

Contaminated instruments are a hygiene risk and need to be rejected. Instruments need to be free of any residue!