Stericlin® cable ties made of silicone

Useful in many applications: bundling, attaching, marking...

Our stericlin® silicone cable ties are produced in compliance with the highest quality standards.

They protect your instruments and create clear structures in your instrument trays. In addition, stericlin® cable ties allow colour coding of instrument trays, transport baskets, etc.

High resistance properties ensure that all common cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes can be used – at temperatures up to 230°C.
The stericlin® cable ties are designed to securely fix a wide range of diameters of instrument bundles. The silicone material has a high elasticity and therefore prevents damage to your instruments during bundling.

Stericlin® silicone cable ties are available in various lengths, colours and designs to meet all requirements. All variants have locking teeth along the entire length, as well as two eyelets on each headpiece. This allows very versatile mounting options. For a better grip and easy opening, the head piece is also fitted with grooves.

Article No. Description Size (length) Pack (pcs.)
3FSZB720202 flat, blue 190 mm 100
3FSZB720204 flat, yellow 190 mm 100
3FSZB720206 flat, green 190 mm 100
3FSZB720208 flat, transparent 190 mm 100
3FSZB720210 flat, orange 190 mm 100
3FSZB720212 flat, red 190 mm 100
3FSZB720214 flat, black 190 mm 100
3FSZB720216 flat, blue 110 mm 100
3FSZB720218 flat, yellow 110 mm 100
3FSZB720220 flat, green 110 mm 100
3FSZB720222 flat, transparent 110 mm 100
3FSZB720224 flat, orange 110 mm 100
3FSZB720226 flat, red 110 mm 100
3FSZB720228 flat, black 110 mm 100
3FSZB720244 round, blue 210 mm 100
3FSZB720246 round, yellow 210 mm 100
3FSZB720248 round, green 210 mm 100
3FSZB720250 round, transparent 210 mm 100
3FSZB720252 round, red 210 mm 100
3FSZB720254 round, black 210 mm 100
3FSZB720256 round, violet 210 mm 100
3FSZB720230 round, blue 110 mm 100
3FSZB720232 round, yellow 110 mm 100
3FSZB720234 round, green 110 mm 100
3FSZB720236 round, transparent 110 mm 100
3FSZB720238 round, red 110 mm 100
3FSZB720240 round, black 110 mm 100
3FSZB720242 round, violet 110 mm 100
3FSZB720258 bundle strings, flat, green 300 mm 100
3FSZB720260 bundle strings, flat, blue 300 mm 100
3FSZB720262 bundle strings, flat, yellow 300 mm 100
3FSZB720264 bundle strings, flat, red 300 mm 100
3FSZB720266 bundle strings, flat, orange 300 mm 100