Routine monitoring and validation of cleaning efficacy of WD‘s according to EN ISO 15883

TOSI® test devices are simulating contaminated surgical instruments. The soiling behaves in a practical manner. If a cleaning process cannot clean the TOSI® it is not efficient enough to clean blood contaminated instruments!


  • A pre-prepared test giving efficient and repeatable results
  • Test soil on stripe correlates to human blood in actual practice
  • Transparent cover to enable visual check
  • The crevice simulates the joint of a surgical instrument
  • Clips for a quick and reproducible fixation
  • Distinction between chemical and mechanical cleaning problems


The TOSI® will not only give a yes/no answer for blood cleaning efficacy In the event of cleaning problems, conclusions can also be drawn about possible causes.

Contaminated instruments are a hygiene risk and need to be rejected. Instruments need to be free of any residue!

Article No. Description Pack (pcs.)
3FRIN555105 TOSI® test device 12