Bowie-Dick helix test

Process challenge device made of aluminium - DIN EN ISO 11140-4

Our stericlin® Bowie-Dick helix test corresponds to the standard DIN EN ISO 11140-4 and checks your steriliser objectively on air extraction and steam penetration. The process challenge device (PCD) made of aluminium with integrated plastic helix can be used for 250 sterilisation cycles.

The handling convinces with simplicity and speed:

  • Place indicator strip in the capsule
  • Screw the capsule on the PCD
  • Run the Bowie-Dick program
  • Remove the test strip
  • Check result

At full steam penetration, the indicator changes colour from blue to pink. An incomplete colour change indicates a malfunction with the steriliser.

Stericlin® indicators contain no heavy metals or toxins. After the initial colour change, the colour of the indicator no longer changes. This gives you completely secure documentation.