Detection of protein residue on instruments and surfaces

Pyromol-Test is based on a dye binding method which is also used in clinical chemistry. Blood contains large amount of protein which can be detected at a low level.
For routine monitoring and validation of cleaning efficacy according to EN ISO 15883.


  • Easy to use test kit
  • Quick detection of insoluble protein residue
  • Colour change to blue indicates a contaminated surface
  • Dye binding method for a detection limit of 1μg
  • No interference with glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid


The Pyromol-Test is used for the detection of protein residue where HemoCheck-S cannot be used, for example, when the protein source is other than blood. A blue spot on the swab indicates protein residue on the tested surface. A large amount of protein can discolor the entire test.

Contaminated instruments are a hygiene risk and need to be rejected. Instruments need to be free of any residue!