Wrapping material interleaved SMS/SMS

Non-woven polypropylene (SMS) in two colours - DIN EN ISO 11607

Stericlin® wrapping material made of non-woven polypropylene (SMS) are extremely tear-resistant, robust and drapable non-woven, made of pure synthetic fibres, which are suitable for all types of wrapping material.

They are usable for steam and low-temperature sterilisation. According to information from the manufacturers Johnson & Johnson Advanced Sterilization Products ASP (STERRAD® systems), Steelco S.P.A. by Miele Group (PL plasma sterilisers) and GETINGE, this quality is approved and validated for the respective VH2O2 (plasma) hydrogen plasma sterilisers.

Our stericlin® wrapping material interleaved comes factory-made with blue and green sheets of non-woven polypropylene alternately stacked. Thereby assembling the sheets from two different boxes is not necessary. The preparation of the packing procedure for the double-packaging is singificant simplified. Damage to the packaging can be identified more easily through the different colours of the inner and outer packaging.

We recommend that you create a double-packaging by two successive packaging operations. Only that way you will get efficient double packaging, which enables a bacterial count reduction during unpacking, ensuring an aseptic presentation.

Article No. Material Size in cm Pack (pcs.)
3FITL381106 SMMMS blue 43g / SMMMS green 43g 60 × 60 360
3FITL381108 SMMMS blue 43g / SMMMS green 43g 75 × 75 180
3FITL381114 SMMMS blue 43g / SMMMS green 43g 100 × 100 150
3FITL381118 SMMMS blue 43g / SMMMS green 43g 120 × 120 102
3FITL381126 SMMMS blue 43g / SMMMS green 43g 140 × 140 102