Indicator strips Type 4 (STEAM)

Multi-parameter indicators according to DIN EN ISO 11140-1

Our stericlin® indicator strips Type 4 check your sterilisation processes for the exposure of steam, temperature and time in the interior of trays or other selected locations. Only upon compliance with all parameters a correct colour change does appear. Uncompromising error contrast disclosed. It can be checked independently with different sterile barrier systems within a batch.

The indicator strips are easy to use:

  • Place at the desired locations in the loading area (in see-through packaging, wrapping materials, containers, etc.)
  • Run sterilisation programme
  • Remove indicator strip
  • Check result

With sufficient steam exposure, the indicator changes colour from blue to pink, incomplete colour change indicates a malfunction of the steriliser.

The stericlin® indicator strips meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11140-1 for the designated Type 4 (Multi-parameter indicators). For both performance requirements, we ensure a high precision resistometer for testing purposes. Therefore, we guarantee standard compliance and absolute consistency of this product.

Stericlin® indicators contain no heavy metals or toxins. After the initial colour change, the colour of the indicator no longer changes. This gives you completely secure documentation.

Article No. Description Size Pack (pcs.)
3FSKS647102 134 °C – 3,5 min. 80 × 30 mm 500
3FSKS647106 134 °C – 5,3 min. / 121 °C – 15 min. 80 × 30 mm 500