Bowie-Dick single use test pack

Easy handling of the steam penetration tests – DIN EN ISO 11140-4

Our stericlin® Bowie-Dick single use test pack allows the daily function control and quality assurance of your steam steriliser.

The ease of use convinces:

  • Place test pack in the steriliser
  • Run the Bowie-Dick program
  • Remove the test sheet
  • Check result

Stericlin® indicators contain no heavy metals or toxins. After the initial colour change, the colour of the indicator no longer changes. This gives you completely secure documentation.
Kitemark of the British Standards Institution (BSI) – The renowned, internationally recognised test institute confirms compliance of our Bowie-Dick single use test pack with the strict standard requirements of DIN EN ISO 11140-4.

With the Lean Pack we offer an ecological and economical alternative for the daily Bowie-Dick test.
The Prime Pack contains a firmer indicator card with stronger colour printing and more paper layers. In addition, unlike the tubular bag of the Lean-Pack, a folding box is used as outer packaging.

Article No. Description Pack (pcs.)
3FSKS611102 Bowie-Dick-single use test pack (Lean-Pack) 40
3FSKS610506 Bowie-Dick-single use test pack (Prime-Pack) 50