Validation and routine monitoring of the cleaning efficacy of WD‘s or ultrasonic cleaners according to EN ISO 15883

TOSI®-LumCheck test specimens simulate contaminated hollow instruments. The soiling behaves in a practical manner. If a cleaning process cannot completely clean the TOSI®-LumCheck, it is not effective enough to completely remove blood as well!


  • Luer lock connector for easy attachment
  • Test soil on stripe correlates to human blood in actual practice
  • Dismountable device for visual check and process evaluation
  • The device simulates cannulated surgical instruments

Two common ways to clean cannulated instruments

  • Cleaning of cannulated instruments in washer-disinfectors:
    Cannulated instruments are connected to the water supply in a special tray of the washer disinfector
  • Cleaning of cannulated instruments in ultrasonic cleaner:
    Cannulated instruments are reprocessed with the aid of ultrasonic energy.


TOSI®-LumCheck not only shows a yes/no result for the cleaning performance. In the event of cleaning problems, conclusions can also be drawn about possible causes.

Contaminated instruments are a hygiene risk and need to be rejected. Instruments need to be free of any residue!