Reusable plastic bowls

As an economical alternative to stainless steel bowls

Reusable plastic bowls offer a variety of uses due to the available colours and sizes. For example, consumables (e.g. swabs, compresses, instruments, suture material, etc.) can be easily separated from each other with the help of different colours and quickly checked for completeness postoperatively. In addition, the bowls are an enormous relief for the budget due to the low purchasing costs.

Multiple reprocessing by the most common cleaning, disinfection and steam sterilisation procedures is possible.

All bowls are equipped with an internal measuring scale.

Article No. Type Fill quantity (ml) Colour Pack (pcs.)
3FSOP187304 Bowl, non-sterile 150 blue 10
3FSOP187308 Bowl, non-sterile 150 green 10
3FSOP187310 Bowl, non-sterile 150 yellow 10
3FSOP187314 Bowl, non-sterile 500 blue 10
3FSOP187318 Bowl, non-sterile 500 green 10
3FSOP187320 Bowl, non-sterile 500 yellow 10
3FSOP187324 Bowl, non-sterile 1000 blue 10
3FSOP187334 Bowl, non-sterile 2500 blue 10