Highly absorbent cleaning and monitoring brushes for flexible endoscopes

Endoswabs are based on a highly absorbent polyester fibre. Endoswabs will absorb and collect residue out of the channel, while nylon fibres glide through mucus residue inside the channel.

  • High cleaning efficacy for endoscope channels
  • Available in 4 sizes: 1,7 mm | 2,8 mm | 3,8 mm | 5,0 mm
  • Up to 2,3 m long
  • Compatible with Pyromol-E and HydroCheck-E

Endoswabs can be used for the manual cleaning step according to the flexible endoscope cleaning procedure and for testing the cleanliness of the channels.

Article No. Description Ø in mm Length Pack (pcs.)
3FRIN555181 Endoswab 1,7 2,3 m 10
3FRIN555182 Endoswab 2,8 2,3 m 10
3FRIN555183 Endoswab 3,8 2,3 m 10
3FRIN555184 Endoswab 5,0 2,3 m 10
3FRIN555188 Robotic Arm Swab, high performance test brush for robotic arms 1,38 0,75 m 12
3FRIN555190 High performance aluminium test brush 1,0 14,5 cm 12