screen baskets

For protected storage and organisation of sterile goods

3FEDS850303 3FEDS850304 3FEDS850305_web

Kögel system small parts tray sets

3FEDS842102 - Kleinteilesiebe_web

Stainless steel trays for small parts with clip closure

3FEDS850126 System-Körbe_web

Kögel system baskets

3FEDS850107 + 3FEDS850112 Kögel System-Siebe_web

Kögel system trays

3FEDS850204 + 3FEDS850233_web

Kögel wire mesh trays

3FEDS850249 Sieb mit Fallgriffen_web

Kögel perforated plate trays

3FEDS842252 3FEDS842258_web

Special trays made of stainless steel with silicone holders


Endoscope baskets made of stainless steel with silicone holders

3FEDS850273 Optic Tray_web

Kögel optics and endoscopy baskets