Stericlin® absorbent inner layers/trayliners made of spunbond non-woven fabric

To protect your containers, trays and flexible packaging

Stericlin® absorbent inner layers/trayliners made of water-absorbent spunbond non-woven fabric are extremely tear-resistant, resilient and drapable. They absorb any condensation that forms in the container or instrument tray during the sterilisation process and distribute it uniformly, so that it evaporates more easily in the drying process.  
Because of their high tear-resistance and resilience they protect containers and trays against scratching, and also protect flexible packaging (sterile barrier systems) against damage when used as trayliner – even in STEAM, EO, FORM and VH2O2 sterilisation processes.
They can also be used as transport protection (between flexible packaging and the sterile goods transport basket).
The different sizes are perfectly adapted to typical container and tray dimensions and don't just cover the bottom of the container, screen or tray, but also the side surfaces, so they offer additional protection.
Please note: Absorbent inner layers have no barrier function, therefore they do not replace a sterile barrier system at all.

Article No. Size in cm Pack (pcs.) Remember
3FCZB445130 35 x 35 1.000
3FCZB445135 35 x 50 1.000
3FCZB445140 35 x 58 1.000
3FCZB445145 35 x 65 1.000
3FCZB445160 50 x 75 240