Wrapping material interleaved non-woven / non-woven from stericlin®

Non-woven in two colours - DIN EN ISO 11607

The stericlin® non-woven 52g is a material which is characterised by a very good drapability and high mechanical stability. It meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and DIN EN 868-2 and is suitable for packaging of medical supplies, such as instrument trays and textiles. The mixed fibres (cellulose and synthetic fibres) of the non-woven fabric support the complete drying of the residual moisture after sterilisation.

Packing with stericlin® interleaved wrapping material offers many advantages. Damage to the packaging is more easily distinguishable through the different colours of the inner and outer packaging. Because blue and green sheets are alternately stacked, the sheet assembly of two different boxes is omitted.

We recommend that you create a double-packaging by two successive packaging operations. Only that way you will get efficient double packaging, which enables a bacterial count reduction during unpacking, ensuring an aseptic presentation.

Article No. Material Size in cm Pack (pcs.) Remember
3FITL340108 Non-woven blue 52g / Non-woven green 52g 75 x 75 204
3FITL340112 Non-woven blue 52g / Non-woven green 52g 90 x 90 204
3FITL340114 Non-woven blue 52g / Non-woven green 52g 100 x 100 204
3FITL340118 Non-woven blue 52g / Non-woven green 52g 120 x 120 126
3FITL340120 Non-woven blue 52g / Non-woven green 52g 120 x 140 102

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