Wrapping material crepe from stericlin®

Made of 100% cellulose-based medical paper - DIN EN ISO 11607

Stericlin® crepe is the most economical wrapping material and is made of 100% cellulose-based medical paper. This wrapping material is particularly suitable for the packaging of lighter instruments and kits. The material meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and DIN EN 868-2.

You can choose from two versions: crepe and crepe sensitive. Through a special manufacturing process, the crepe sensitive material is softer and more flexible to use.

For double packaging, you can combine SMS, non-woven and crepe packaging - regardless of colour and format. Please refer to the packing methods described in the DIN 58953, part 7.

We recommend that you create a double-packaging by two successive packaging operations. Only that way you will get efficient double packaging, which enables a bacterial count reduction during unpacking, ensuring an aseptic presentation.

Article No. Material Size in cm Pack (pcs.) Remember
3FPAP310102 Crepe white 40 x 40 500
3FPAP310104 Crepe white 50 x 50 500
3FPAP310106 Crepe white 60 x 60 500
3FPAP310108 Crepe white 75 x 75 250
3FPAP310112 Crepe white 90 x 90 250
3FPAP310114 Crepe white 100 x 100 250
3FPAP310118 Crepe white 120 x 120 125
3FPAP310202 Crepe green 40 x 40 500
3FPAP310204 Crepe green 50 x 50 500
3FPAP310206 Crepe green 60 x 60 500
3FPAP310208 Crepe green 75 x 75 250
3FPAP310212 Crepe green 90 x 90 250
3FPAP310214 Crepe green 100 x 100 250
3FPAP310218 Crepe green 120 x 120 125

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