Stericlin® see-through packaging made of PP non-woven and film

Ideal for heavy, edged and voluminous medical devices - DIN EN ISO 11607

For applications which demand a sterile barrier system with very high mechanical strength, we recommend the use of our PP non-woven and film see-through pouches. E. g. for packing medical devices such as abdominal frames, measuring cups, solution basins, trays with optics. The special structure of the high strength PP non-woven is also convincing with high air permeability and enables a soft and fibre-free peeling.

Thanks to the transparent film the packed medical device is visible all times. Three indicators for STEAM-, EO- and VH2O2 sterilisation are printed outside the filling area. Stericlin® see-through packaging meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607.

When using steam sterilisation, please note that your process may require re-evaluation/adjustment (e.g. drying time, pressure gradient) due to the high plastic content of the see-through packaging.

Article No. Type Size in cm (width x length) Pack Remember
3FKFB245104 Pouch 7,5 x 20 2000 pcs
3FKFB245106 Pouch 10 x 30 2000 pcs.
3FKFB245108 Pouch 12,5 x 40 1000 pcs.
3FKFB245110 Pouch 15 x 50 1000 pcs.
3FKFB245120 Pouch 18 x 41 500 pcs.
3FKFB245122 Pouch 20 x 80 (for DaVinci instruments "XI" and "SI") 300 pcs.
3FKFB245125 Pouch 22 x 65 500 pcs.
3FKFB245130 Pouch 25 x 45 500 pcs.
3FKFB245140 Pouch 32 x 59 500 pcs.
3FKFB245150 Pouch 37 x 40,5 500 pcs.
3FKFB245170 Pouch 43 x 52 500 pcs.
3FKFB245185 Pouch 56 x 66 250 pcs.