Stericlin® see-through reels gusseted made of paper and film

Safe sterilisation - different sizes - DIN EN ISO 11607

Stericlin® see-through reels meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and DIN 868-5 and are the universal packaging system for sterilisation. So that you can pack almost all light and medium-heavy instruments. The sterilisation-resistant 70 g/m2 heavy-duty paper creates an effective barrier against germs, but is also permeable to air, steam and sterilisation gases. Three indicators are printed outside the filling area: STEAM, EO and FORM.

Convincing quality

Our stericlin® see-through packaging made of 70 g/m2 paper stands out against market regular 60 g/m2 paper packaging in terms of quality, strength and safety margins.

Other variants of stericlin® see-through packaging:



Article No. Size in cm (width x gusset) Length Pack (reels) Remember
3FKSS230204 7.5 x 2.5 100 m 4
3FKSS230206 10 x 5.0 100 m 3
3FKSS230210 15 x 5.0 100 m 2
3FKSS230212 20 x 5.0 100 m 2
3FKSS230214 25 x 6.5 100 m 2
3FKSS230216 30 x 6.5 100 m 1
3FKSS230218 38 x 8.0 100 m 1

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