Stericlin® see-through packaging made of non-woven and film

Ideal for large-volume goods - high steam permeability - DIN EN ISO 11607

This stericlin® see-through packaging made of 56 g/m² non-woven with sealed-laminated film. Three indicators for STEAM, EO and FORM-sterilisation are printed outside the filling area. Our system combines the sterilisation-technical advantages of flexible packaging (non-woven fabric) with the facilitation of see-through packaging. The high air and steam permeability allows the use of large and absorbent loads. Due to mechanical strength, heavy instruments can also be safely packaged. Stericlin® see-through packaging meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and EN 868-5.

See-through pouches and see-through reels made of non-woven and film

Article No. Type Size (width x length) Pack Remember
3FKFB240105 Pouch 27 x 36 cm 500 pcs.
3FKFB240110 Pouch 32 x 45 cm 500 pcs.
3FKFB240115 Pouch 40 x 52 cm 250 pcs.
3FKFB240120 Pouch 50 x 60 cm 250 pcs.
3FKFB240125 Pouch 57 x 72 cm 250 pcs.
3FKFS240212 Reel 20 cm / 100 m 2 reels
3FKFS240220 Reel 42 cm / 100 m 1 reel

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