Stericlin® see-through packaging made of DuPont Tyvek® and film

Ideal for heat-sensitive instruments – fibre-free peeling – DIN EN ISO 11607

The quality of stericlin® see-through packaging made of Tyvek® and composite film is decisively influenced by the selected material. Therefore, we use only the strongest medical Tyvek®: Type 1073 B with a base weight of 75 g/m². Our sterile defence system is distinguished by its excellent barrier against germs and moisture, extremely high resistance to penetration and fibre free peeling without delamination. Tyvek® and the composite film used are ideal for VH2O2 (plasma)-, EO-, FORM- and irradiation sterilisation. Two indicators for the VH2O2 (plasma)- and EO sterilisation are printed outside the filling area. The stericlin® sterile barrier system is first choice in gas sterilisation, as Tyvek® and the composite film hardly absorb the toxic gases and enable residual gases to be far below specified limits. Stericlin® see-through packaging meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and EN 868-9.

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See-through pouches and see-through reels made of DuPont Tyvek® and film

Article No. Type Size (width x length) Pack Remember
3FKFB250105 Pouch 7,5 x 20 cm 1,000 pcs
3FKFB250110 Pouch 10 x 27 cm 500 pcs
3FKFB250115 Pouch 15 x 30 cm 500 pcs
3FKFB250120 Pouch 20 x 40 cm 500 pcs
3FKFB250125 Pouch 25 x 48 cm 500 pcs
3FKFS250204 Reel 7,5 cm / 100 m 2 reels
3FKFS250206 Reel 10 cm / 100 m 2 reels
3FKFS250210 Reel 15 cm / 100 m 1 reel
3FKFS250212 Reel 20 cm / 100 m 1 reels
3FKFS250214 Reel 25 cm / 100 m 1 reel
3FKFS250216 Reel 30cm / 100 m 1 reel
3FKFS250218 Reel 38 cm / 100 m 1 reels
3FKFS250222 Reel 50 cm / 100 m 1 reel

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