Identification tape

A quick and easy method of colour coding

The identification tape supports the organisation and identification of individual products in the CSSD as well as during transport between reprocessing and other functional areas.

The material easily withstands chemo-thermal cleaning and disinfection as well as treatment with steam.

Supplied in a transparent, resealable plastic box.

Artikel-Nr.  Abmessung L (m) x B (mm) Farbe VE (Rolle) Remember
3FINS168102 6,5 mm x 7,6 m White 1
3FINS168104 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Blue 1
3FINS168106 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Green 1
3FINS168108 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Red  1
3FINS168110 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Yellow 1
3FINS168112 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Purple 1
3FINS168114 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Orange 1
3FINS168116 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Brown 1
3FINS168118 6,5 mm x 7,6 m Black 1

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