Bowie-Dick test system DIN A5 from stericlin®

The multiple use test system in small format - DIN EN ISO 11140-3

Our stericlin® Bowie-Dick test system DIN A5 corresponds to the standard of DIN EN ISO 11140-3 and is suitable for checking the steam penetration in the Bowie-Dick test programme. The simulation test consists of the following components:

  • Indicator test sheet
  • Test pack
  • Test frame

The test pack is made of special paper which is reusable 15 times. The top sheet of the pack is printed with sterilisation stable colour to document the test results. A centre marking by cutting edges facilitates placement and removal of the test sheet. The test frame made of stainless steel for receiving the test pack is stored indefinitely.

At full steam penetration, the indicator changes colour from blue to a uniform pink. When a malfunction occurs, however, there will be no uniformity in colour.

Stericlin® indicators contain no heavy metals or toxic substances. After the initial colour change, the colour of the indicator no longer changes. This gives you absolute security documentation.

Article No. Description Pack (pcs.) Remember
3FSKS620102 Test sheet DIN A5 200
3FSKS620104 Test pack DIN A5 10
3FEDS620106 Stainless steel test frame 1

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