Stericlin® plastic seals

Secure sealing for protection against manipulation

Stericlin® plastic seals consist of sterilisation-resistant polypropylene and are available in different colours. All common container systems with locking eyelets can be securely sealed in simple steps.

Stericlin® SoloSeals are ideally suited for Aesculap containers - Stericlin® DuoSeals are recommended for Wagner containers and Stericlin® MultiSeals for various other containers. The special construction of all versions of the Stericlin® plastic seal with a large opening angle facilitates simple fitting to the container and locking by hooking on.

The container can only be opened by breaking the seal. This ensures that the sterile goods container has not been manipulated on its arrival at the place of use. Stericlin® plastic seals are opened by bending at the defined breaking point and turning the handle plate gently. The Stericlin® plastic seal can then be broken without any effort.

Article no. Description Container compatibility Colour Indicator Carton content (items) Remember
3FCZB460302 MultiSeal Various dark blue No 1000
3FCZB460303 MultiSeal Various yellow No 1000
3FCZB460304 MultiSeal Various red No 1000
3FCZB460306 MultiSeal Various green No 1000
3FCZB460308 MultiSeal Various white No 1000
3FCZB460310 MultiSeal Various dark blue STEAM 1000
3FCZB460312 MultiSeal Various red STEAM 1000
3FCZB460313 MultiSeal Various yellow STEAM 1000
3FCZB460314 MultiSeal Various green STEAM 1000
3FCZB460316 MultiSeal Various white STEAM 1000
3FCZB460402 SoloSeal Aesculap dark blue No 1000
3FCZB460404 SoloSeal Aesculap green No 1000
3FCZB460406 SoloSeal Aesculap white No 1000
3FCZB460408 SoloSeal Aesculap red No 1000
3FCZB460410 SoloSeal Aesculap yellow No 1000
3FCZB460412 SoloSeal Aesculap orange No 1000
3FCZB460414 SoloSeal Aesculap violet No 1000
3FCZB460416 SoloSeal Aesculap bright blue No 1000
3FCZB460418 SoloSeal Aesculap dark blue STEAM 1000
3FCZB460420 SoloSeal Aesculap green STEAM 1000
3FCZB460422 SoloSeal Aesculap white STEAM 1000
3FCZB460424 SoloSeal Aesculap red STEAM 1000
3FCZB460426 SoloSeal Aesculap yellow STEAM 1000
3FCZB460428 SoloSeal Aesculap orange STEAM 1000
3FCZB460430 SoloSeal Aesculap violet STEAM 1000
3FCZB460432 SoloSeal Aesculap bright blue STEAM 1000
3FCZB460452 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner red No 1000
3FCZB460454 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner dark blue No 1000
3FCZB460456 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner green No 1000
3FCZB460458 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner yellow No 1000
3FCZB460460 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner red STEAM 1000
3FCZB460462 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner dark blue STEAM 1000
3FCZB460464 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner green STEAM 1000
3FCZB460466 DuoSeal Aesculap / Wagner yellow STEAM 1000