Stericlin® absorbent inner layers

To avoid wet instrument trays

Stericlin® absorbent inner layers are made of water-absorbent non-woven material to soak up the condensate that builds up in the sterilisation container or tray during the sterilisation process. The condensate is distributed evenly to ensure better vaporisation during the drying process.

Please note: Absorbent inner layers have no barrier function, therefore they do not replace a sterile barrier system at all.

Article No. Size in cm Description Pack (pcs.) Remember
3FCZB440108 25 x 30 blue 1000
3FCZB440110 30 x 50 blue 1000
3FCZB440112 25 x 30 strong, white 1000
3FCZB440114 30 x 50 strong, white 1000

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