Cleaning brushes for endoscopes

For manual pre-cleaning

The manual (pre-)cleaning of flexible endoscopes and endoscopic accessories is required as standard in various guidelines and is an essential part of successful reprocessing. To avoid possible cross-contamination, it is not recommended to reuse endoscope cleaning brushes in the relevant literature. This is why our cleaning brushes for flexible endocopes are only suitable for single use.

We offer a wide range of brushes with which the most common working channels and biopsy ports of various endoscope types can be pre-cleaned prior to mechanical reprocessing.
Damage during the cleaning of lumens is avoided with the stericlin® cavity brushes due to the use of medium-hard nylon bristles.
Depending on the diameter, our brush heads have protective features such as rounded ends or plastic ball heads.

Article No. Brush head Ø (mm) Total length (mm) Features Pack (pcs.) Remember
3FRIN550202 2.0 1000 Colour: yellow 50
3FRIN550204 3.0 1000 Colour: white 50
3FRIN550224 2.5 2300 Colour: red 50
3FRIN550212 3.0 2300 Colour: blue 50
3FRIN550208 5.0 2300 Colour: red 50
3FRIN550210 6.0 2300 Colour: green 50
3FRIN550214 3.0-5.0/4.0-6.0 2300 Colour: yellow 50
3FRIN550220 5.5/10 2300 Colour: turquoise 50
3FRIN550216 5.0 2650 with 280 mm pipe cleaner 50
3FRIN550218 5.2/11 156 Valve cleaning brush, colour: red 100
3FRIN550206 6.5 mm; 5.2/11 2570; 156 Set contents: cleaning brush, colour: blue; Valve cleaning brush, colour: red 50
3FRIN550222 5.0 mm; 5.2/11 2300; 156 Set contents: Cleaning brush, colour: red; Valve cleaning brush, colour: red 50
3FRIN550226 3,0 2500 2 ends + 1 centered, including plastic tip, colour: red 50
3FRIN550228 6,0 2500 2 ends + 1 centered, including plastic tip, colour: blue 50